(Nothing much, just breaking it)

If I were to write a book about my blogging, it would have a pretty long erratum. That it’s been almost a year since I last blogged only emphasizes this. Yeah the silence has been that loud. Makes echenze’s cobwebs look like an understatement. I can’t really blame the tight schedule that comes with being a 3rd year Engineering Student or the FIFA Fridays that really helps in calming things down. None else is to take the blame but…your one (but probably not only) *hides under hostel table*. Not promising anything this year but I think I’m done with the chemo of this cancer.

Society rots when the good people keep silent

It’s been 3 weeks since school opened. The timetable is out but there’s not an iota of activity that suggests we’ll commence studies any time soon. (This is worsened by the fact that university workers, for legit and legitimate reasons, are planning to strike.) Such a huge contrast to what I experienced in Strath where learning began in the first week of semester commencement. Maybe I’m asking too much from the University or maybe we are just used to doing wrong that it’s now accepted as the status quo.

Either way, what hurts is that this continues despite the fact that we have such an intense and wide syllabus to cover in such a short time.  But hey…who cares? They won’t be testing it anyway. And you still ask why we are third world?But as one Uni adim once told me, “ Hata uende uchome shule, the pik kais wakishasema wamesema. Live with that.” What more can I say? I hope the pik kais have the balls, and are mature enough, to stomach constructive criticism. Hope this post doesn’t get me in trouble but if I do… I will be glad that it’ll be for the right reason.

Great year guys and yeah you don’t have to be an engineer to get the it.


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