An Engineering Student’s Timetable….

(The beginning of Second Year)

Last week I went to school to copy this semester’s timetable. Our institution desires to be a leading institution of Technology yet I have to go and copy something simple like a timetable from the notice boards. So sad. Anyway, I had shared earlier about the life of an engineering student  but my friend and blogger,Dickson,thought it wasn’t that hectic so let me just share with you how my semester will be this time round.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00-9:00am Computer Science B Math 11A Computer Science Introduction to Civil Engineering
9:00-11:00am Engineering Graphics(Part 2) Civil Engineering Materials Fluid Mechanics(Part1A) Civil Engineering Materials Theory of Structures
11:00-1:00pm Mechanics of Materials Fluid Mechanics(Part 1A) Mechanics of Materials Engineering Graphics(part2) Engineering Graphics(part2)
1:00-2:00pm Fluid Mechanics(Part 1A) Mechanics of Materials Theory of Structures Linear Algebra
2:00-4:00pm Engineering Survey (1A) Math (Part2A) Theory of Structures Introduction to Civil Engineering
4:00-6:00pm Math (1B) Linear Algebra Math (Part1B) Linear Algebra Engineering Survey (Part1A)

Simply put we are doing 11 units and are supposed to be in class for a total of 52 hours per week. I won’t talk more about this.

Every Eng. Student knows that engineering starts in second year.  My results, which I will be posting here, soon, got me thinking whether I want to continue with engineering or not. I will speak about that latter.

I think about engineering more than you my crush, but of late this trend has been changing. With this daily schedule, I will have to go back to my former thought (engineering of course). During the long holiday I could tolerate your playing hard to get. I could tolerate calling you till midnight and still you did not enter my box (pun intended). Sorry this I don’t have time for your tu-mafeelings and ma-tuemotions.  Kindly save them for someone else.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to be an engineering student to comprehend this.

Over and Out.


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