It‘s the end of the semester. You are just through with your exams then you notice that you are to go on external attachment just as per the requirement of your course. Simple as it may sound, it is really hard to get an external attachment. If it was another country I would not have to post this but since this is Kenya…


An attachment is a program organized by the school so that you can make sense of what you are learning in school. There are two types of attachos;

you need that attachment buana

internal and external attachment. Internal just as it implies is done within the school and mostly applies to engineering and computer science students. An external/industrial  attachment is whereby the student is attached to a company which practices something that is related to the students’ course.


This is Kenya. I hate reasoning this way but the easiest way to get an attachment in Kenya is when you are known to someone who knows someone who might be related to someone’s someone so long as it’s just not anyone or “no one”. It has to be someone. I hope things might change for the better or even the best in the future but this is the sad reality. You are lucky if your father is the Resident Engineer of a big project, your uncle is the chairman of ERB, your mother if director of the Institute of Engineers of Kenya, your father is a long time friend to The Director of KeNHA, your mother once dated The Director of KURA back in campo (of course before she met your father) and the mother to your cousin’s grandfather was one of the founders of the Civil Engineering Department in The University of Nairobi. If you are not such a person, I’m sorry but you have to tarmac. Other possible means of getting it are rare occurrences such as your dad’s debtor, the MD of Gibbs International, gives you an attachment as a means of reducing the debt. This is the sad reality; Lazima Ujuane.

So if you  want that great opportunity to apply what you learn in class in the field, swallow your pride and call your ex, her dad designed KICC. You may be lucky.

That’s it, that’s how you get an attachment in Kenya. Hope you will change this stereotipism.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to be an Engineer to get this.

This article is a sarcastic way of showing you how you will get an attacho. No hard feelings on the persons whose positions have been mentioned above.



  1. many of us students who do not know such big boss of a certain companies r facing a hard time looking for this attacho thing. i support internal attacho though many campuses have not involved computer science in the program. here we r stranded, going from 1 office to the other, it is hectic.! someone can’t fear to toss your application to dust pin, just as u leave his office. nkt!

  2. I’m a manufacturing engineering student done with my 4th year seeking for industrial attacho, a requirement before joining the 5th year in Egerton uni. september this year. I am running out of time and the companies i applied for as early as April, CMC and MRM, have comfirmed that there is no vacancy. Every morning i wake up from my friend’s house in kibera and leave for Industrial Area looking for a place to be attached to in vain. I’m suffering for not having links with the big guys !

    • That is the sad state of affairs in our motherland Kenya but we can’t afford to lose hope at this time for we are on the verge of great things.
      Apply to as many companies as possible. This is the easiest way to get an attachment if you don’t have a God father.

  3. I just liked the article…….masterpiece! I suspected this attacho thing is gonna be hard for me to hookup, so I decided to navigate the net and see what’s up. I’m a 2nd year Computer Science student n I’m gonna need this attacho before I get to 4th year….. This article now gives me more reasons to get myself known to someone before time runs out. For now, I’m only known to no one(s).

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